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• A bow that is in a class of its own • TEC shoot-thru riser designed to stiffen the riser for a more accurate and consistent shot • 4 angle modular grip system allows you to adjust the angle of your grip for a more comfortable feel • Zero-torque hyper cam creates a

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Central part of the compound bow is called the riser and it holds lis, sights, stabilizers and quivers. That is why it is made of aluminum, magnesium alloy, or carbon fiber to be as rigid as possible. Composite materials are used for lis because they have to be

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Featuring a carbon Riser, This bow is extremely lightweight while maintaining top performance. Specifiions: FPS: 350 Axle-Axle: 31" Brace Height: 5 7/8" Mass weight: 4lbs Cam: ZT turbo Pro Draw Lengths: 25-28", 28-30" Draw Weright: 30-40lbs, 40-50lbs

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Company Description Zhengzhou IRQ Trading Co., Ltd. focus on archery gear. Our main products: Chinese traditional recurve bow Arrow (Wood arrow,Baoo arrow,Carbon arrow,Fiberglass arrow, Aluminum alloy arrow) Compound bow Compound bow accessory(Bow sights, Bow stabilizer,Arrow rest,Bow stand,Bow sling,Peep sights) Arrow tip: 95gr 100gr 125gr 154gr one blade,2 blade 3 …

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12 · For the long bow, recurve bow, and compound bow, only broadhead-tipped arrows with at least two metal cutting edges are allowed. Rifle Rifle Vs Long Rifle Dps Gundam Breaker 3. Building on the success of the best-selling Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow, Centerpoint is now introducing an enhanced package with even better features and performance.

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Canada''s leading online archery retailer. Specializing in target, hunting, 3D and traditional Archery. Buy compound bows, recurve bows, arrows & equipment. Servicing hunters, recurve, compound and Olympic style archers. Top Brands such as Hoyt, Win & Win

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Check out these gorgeous steel recurve bow at DHgate Canada online stores, and buy steel recurve bow at ridiculously affordable prices. Whether you''re looking for a recurve bow for archery or traditional recurve bow, we''ve got you covered with a variety of styles.

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The bow’s riser is the middle part that holds the grip. Additionally, the riser forms the part on which the sight and arrow shelf is mounted. They are typically composed of aluminium, but deluxe compound bows employ carbon fibres in reducing the aggregate weight of the device.

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The riser (the centre section of the bow) is generally separate and is constructed from wood, carbon, aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy. The term ''riser'' is used because, in a one-piece bow, the centre section rises from the lis in a taper to spread the stress.

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The American Bow S/S Hoyt Tee Regular price $ 24.99 / Hoyt bows have been made in America since 1931. Our latest, the Axius Alpha and the Carbon RX-4 Alpha, are showcased on this classic tee. Printed on a super soft Next consider ordering a size up)


The TSS from the company High Country Archery features a patented carbon process to produce a military-grade carbon riser for less flex, less noise and less vibration. This technology has resulted in an incredibly tough, weatherproof riser that puts a light, 2½-pound bow in the hand.

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Check out the deal on Lil Indian Bow and Arrow Set for Kids at 3Rivers Archery Supply The easiest way to get your kids started in youth archery is to get them their own bow and arrow set. Our Lil'' Indian bow and arrow set has everything they need.

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When you look at a recurve bow the equipment’s structure features a riser in the middle and two lis extending from the riser. The bow is made of carbon, fiberglass, or wood. Each li has an end portion that curves out and slightly back, resulting in a recurve.

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Genesis compound bow is a great choice for novice and intermediate archers since it is a lightweight-bow and gives a light draw. This amazing product is available in various attractive colors. It has a machined aluminum riser and idler wheel that keeps its weight

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The riser (the centre section of the bow) is generally separate and is constructed from wood, carbon, aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy. The term ''riser'' is used because, in a one-piece bow, the centre section rises from the lis in a taper to spread the stress.

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Hoyt Carbon Spyder ($1600) - the most expensive bow, carbon riser. The bow is not fast, the bow is not even light, you need to buy modules to change draw length. But the bow is well finished and a great looking bow Oneida Kestral ($1800) it is the smoothest

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This archery set includes a Spirit bow, SAS bow bag, 2 x stick on arrow rest, Finger tab, Armguard, Bow stringer, and a paper target. The biggest problem people found with this bow is that the bolt strips easily, some found that the wood was unfinished, so it will be unable to use in rainy conditions unless purchaser finishes it themselves.

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Lightweight, complete arrow made for the youth, beginner and intermediate archers. Ideal for clubs. Good quality carbon arrow with a range of spines available. The Tyro Arrow is fletched with EP23 Vanes (colors may vary) and has a glued-in point. Price per dozen

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Prime’s Rize bow is known for having good accuracy out-of-the-box and for being forgiving. With 285 fps, it has a smooth draw cycle and a super-strong riser. The strong components don’t add more weight or bulk to the bow, leaving it at 4.3 lbs. Obsession Def .

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16/8/2020· Nonetheless, not every compound bow out there is worth your hard earned cash. Meaning that finding the best compound bow for the money can be difficult. Especially since the market is flooded with all kinds of bows.

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13/8/2020· Recurve bow − A bow, where the unstrung tips curve farther from the archer. Release − To relax the drawing hand fingers to free the arrow. Riser − The section for handling the bow. Safety arrow − Wide tip or padded head arrow, generally used for re-enactment.

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It consists of a base mount that attaches directly to the bow riser, a dovetailed plate that allows adjustment of the reel in any direction, a built-in quiver to hold your arrow when not in use and a "quick-detach" thu screw to hold it all together.

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When we draw a bow 28inches, which is composed of a 25” riser and medium 44pounds lis with brace height 23mm, the receiving force on the riser is:. Upper part of a riser is 35.5N and lower