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For both beryllium and pure silicon carbide as a mirror substrate, the cost factor and risk is quite high from a schedule perspective due to both these materials being very hard and brittle. Therefore, machining anomalies is a much higher risk than other metal mirror substrate materials.

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22/8/2018· Researchers with the CAS Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics show a silicon carbide (SiC) single mirror blank with a record-breaking diameter of …

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The objective of the All SiC Telescope Cryo-Test program (ASTCT) is to validate the optical performance of the Silicon Carbide Telescope for STSS (SS) near 120K. The off-axis, relayed, afocal telescope has an F/0.5 primary mirror and is equivalent to the current beryllium STSS fore optics.

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The ALADIN telescope is a 1.5-metre diameter Cassegrain telescope. By using Silicon Carbide, an overall low mass of 75 kg was achieved for the telescope while maintaining high stiffness. The secondary mirror of the telescope is mounted on a tripod of three evenly placed struts, at a distance of about 1.3 metres from the large primary mirror.

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CERAFORM Silicon Carbide Customizable for Every Optical Mission CERAFORM Silicon Carbide C ustomizable for Every Optical Mission C ERAFORM Silicon Carbide (SiC) sets a new standard for optical appliions, such as high energy laser mirrors, space

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suitable for use as the Primary Mirror (PM) of a medium-sized telescope, or as the segments in a large, segmented PM. AHMs are hybrid structures, integrating a precision-replied Nanolaminate foil facesheet, with a Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrate equipped).

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28/11/2013· Using a horizontal vibrating lap to grind the top and bottom surfaces of a 10 inch telescope mirror blank flat and parallel. A Glass grinding with silicon carbide by hand - Duration: 8:25

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Next best are single crystal silicon and CERAFORM silicon carbide which contains 30% free silicon in an alpha SiC matrix. The silicon based materials feature a Da at 5 Kelvin of 20 to 30 ppb/K. The metals, beryllium and aluminum, have the highest thermal expansivity with beryllium becoming more attractive as the temperature drops into the 77 Kelvin regime.

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500 silicon carbide grit for smooth grinding: 20 microns (varies from 40 down to 10) 9 micron aluminum oxide for final grinding: 9 microns (varies from 15 down to 5) Keep in mind that silicon carbide leaves pits about three times deeper than aluminum oxide.

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Indeed, this telescope—until recently the largest IR telescope mirror in the world—was brazed by 12 monolithic, sintered silicon carbide ceramics.5 In addition, in our group, we have been researching silicon carbide mirror manufacturing technologies since the

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You''ll need to buy a mirror blank and mirror tool ahead of the workshop. Then from there, you can make your own cement tool during the workshop for under $10.00. I will have available #60 grit, #120 grit, #320 grit silicon carbide abrasives available at cost from Salem Distributing, and abrasive below 500 grit at …


25/6/2015· A scanning telescope including an on-axis four-mirror reflective telescope configured to receive electromagnetic radiation through an the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary mirrors are fabried from one of single crystal silicon, silicon carbide, and

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The answer was silicon carbide: lighter than metal or glass, it can be optically polished making it perfect for high performance lightweight mirrors. It also has excellent structural stability and thermal properties: vital for the accuracy of a telescope when temperatures in space plummet to -240°C.

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The mirror is made of silicon carbide, a lightweight ceramic material resistant to stress, fatigue, and extreme temperatures. It can be polished as if it were glass, deviating from perfect smoothness by no more than one micron - a requirement to avoid distorting the images it receives.

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Silicon Carbide is today more and more used for advanced space payloads and other demanding appliions thanks to its exceptional properties or high specific stiffness (E/r) and high thermal stability to transients (D/a). Through the years, Safran Reosc developed

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Mirror Blank This is the focus of all your work - you will turn this flat piece of glass into an accurate parabolic telescope mirror. We recommend a full thickness Pyrex blank for mirrors up to to 12" in size. Full-thickness means the diameter to thickness ratio is 6:1 (i

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Optimum structural design of lightweight silicon carbide mirror in Cassegrain system Autorzy Yuanyuan Han, Yumin Zhang, Jiecai Han, Jianhan Zhang, Wang Yao, Yufeng Zhou Treść / Zawartość Pełny tekst: Pobierz Warianty tytułu Języki publikacji Abstrakty

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Silicon carbide foam-based mirror, 10″ diameter, after polishing Contact an Expert Silicon Elemental silicon is an excellent mirror material given its outstanding polishability and, as can be seen in the following table, its extremely low density and outstanding

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o Three element Silicon Carbide mirror telescope o Instrument mass ~290kg (incl electronics) • Pleiades High Resolution Instrument - Pleiades constellation launched 2011 and 2012 o Imaging camera giving high spatial resolution images in both a panchromatic

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‘The team from the university''s School of Engineering are the first to manufacture these engines in a durable, heat resistant material such as ceramic or silicon carbide.’ ‘Unlike conventional reflecting telescopes, Herschel''s telescope mirror is being made from a novel ceramic material called silicon carbide.’

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The silicon carbide abrasives were replaced with Microgrit aluminum oxide, and the fine grinding preceded through 25-micron, 12-, 9-, and 5-micron grades. After each grade of abrasive is finished, I use the spherometer to get an exact measurement of the radius, and then adjust the position of the grinding tool on the mirror to move the radius in the desired direction.

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The system can accommodate a mirror up to 0.9 m in diameter, and there is no reason the design could not be scaled up to accommodate larger mirrors or mirror segments, Phillips says. The 10 m primary mirrors of the twin Keck Telescopes in Hawaii are composed of hexagonal segments 1.8 m across, and the mirror segments for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will be 1.4 m across.


In previous work, Silicon carbide (SiC) mirrors have demonstrated excellent optical performance and SiC mirror fabriion processes are well known. However, for maximum optical system performance it

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25/7/2020· She is nearly done with grinding the mirror, a painstaking process that involves rubbing silicon carbide grit, mixed with water to control the glass dust, between two glass discs.

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Precision aspheric mirrors SOC offers precision aspheric mirrors comprised of low-expansion glass ceramics, synthetic silica, silicon carbide(SiC) and other various metallic materials. Paraboloidal mirrors including off-axis feature can be certified until λ/20 by

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Start with one of our telescope mirror kits. Each kit comes with a telescope mirror blank and all the abrasives (silicon carbide grits and white aluminum oxide powders), cerium oxide polish and pitch to grind and polish it to your specifiions.